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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Market is Anticipated to Reach a Valuation of US$118.0 Mn by 2020 (SB Wire)

Post Date: 06/21/2018

“High cost of the gender selection procedure and rising demand for identifying and selecting the gender by mothers increases the… [Read More]

I used to be Pro-Abortion on Demand. Here’s why I’ve Changed my Mind (The Telegraph)

Post Date: 05/28/2018


Paton, an advocate for abortion, explains how sex-selective abortion has changed her mind on promoting abortion on demand. “The rise… [Read More]

Abortion Doesn’t Protect Women’s Human Rights, Vatican Official Says (Catholic News Services)

Post Date: 05/27/2018

It is a contradiction to claim that promoting access to safe abortions is somehow protecting the human rights of women… [Read More]

Beijing Plan to Lift Family Child Number Limits Gets Muted Response (The Irish Times)

Post Date: 05/25/2018

The one-child policy was hated in China and led to many human rights abuses, such as forced abortions and sterilizations,… [Read More]

Gender Bias Kills 239,000 Girls in India Every Year: Study (Al Jazeera News)

Post Date: 05/17/2018

An estimated 239,000 girls younger than the age of five die in India every year because many parents prefer boys over girls,… [Read More]

Violence against Women Begins in the Womb: Why Female Feticide Threatens the Social Order (Christianity Today)

Post Date: 05/05/2018

In the year of the #MeToo movement, the practice of female feticide offers us a powerful depiction of the institutionalization… [Read More]

Crackdown on Sex-Selective Abortion: Central Team Conducting Workshop in Chennai (Times of India)

Post Date: 01/20/2018

Joint directors of health services in six southern states in India have met to assess the challenges they face while… [Read More]

The Birth of a Revolution in Prenatal Screening (The Globe and Mail)

Post Date: 01/11/2018

Simple blood tests are now available for would-be parents to learn about the gender and potential genetic anomalies of their… [Read More]

Killing our Daughters Quietly (Daily Times)

Post Date: 09/14/2017

A university professor in Lahore speaks out about the prevalence of sex-selective abortion in Pakistan. “The census has given us… [Read More]

China’s ‘Underground Railroad’ Smuggles Blood for Illicit Gender-Testing in Hong Kong (Radio Free Asia)

Post Date: 06/23/2017

Black market gender-selection? A complex network of companies, middlemen, and clinics in mainland China and Hong Kong is carrying on a… [Read More]