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Hospitals Gear Up for New Diagnosis: Human Trafficking (NPR)

Post Date: 07/30/2018

A new program at a 23-hospital system in the New York metro area is training and providing tools for doctors,… [Read More]

The Bangladesh Brothels where Men Pay Child Brides for Sex – While Police Look the Other Way (The Telegraph)

Post Date: 07/28/2018

(Warning: The following content may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.) Linking child brides and sex-trafficking: According to… [Read More]

To Escape Sexual Violence at Home, Female Migrants Must Risk Sexual Violence on the Way to Europe (Washington Post)

Post Date: 07/10/2017

The Mediterranean waters between Libya and Italy are the current front line for Europe’s migrant crisis and is, according to… [Read More]

Human Trafficking, Mental Illness, and Addiction: Avoiding Diagnostic Overshadowing (Stoklosa, 2017)

Post Date: 01/16/2017

This article reviews an emergency department-based clinical vignette of a trafficked patient with co-occurring pregnancy-related, mental health, and substance use… [Read More]