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Beijing United Family Hospital Hosts Intl Forum on Preterm Infant Care (Global Times)

Post Date: 10/28/2017

A hospital in China is working hard to ensure that extremely low birthweight and extremely preterm infants survive and thrive… [Read More]

Why Did India Have Ten Million Fewer Childhood Deaths Than Predicted? (NPR)

Post Date: 09/27/2017

India is known as a world leader in childhood deaths. A recent study has shown the great strides the country… [Read More]

‘Alarm Bells We Cannot Ignore’: World Hunger Rising for First Time This Century (The Guardian)

Post Date: 09/18/2017

A recent report from the UN indicates a significant rise in global undernourishment, due in part to violent conflict. Even… [Read More]

Health Is Improving Globally, but India Still Has the Most Child Deaths (Huffington Post India)

Post Date: 09/18/2017

India is known as a world leader in childhood deaths, but it could have been much worse. A recent study has shown… [Read More]

Child Mortality Rates Fall by 70% in Oman (Times of Oman)

Post Date: 07/20/2017

Both child and maternal mortality rates have been significantly reduced in Oman. Dr. Fatma Al Hinai, Director of Women and… [Read More]

India Continues to Suffer from High Child Mortality Rate Due to Diarrhea (Indian Express)

Post Date: 06/07/2017

India contributes the most child deaths due to diarrheal disease globally, and combined with Nigeria accounted for nearly 42 per… [Read More]

Sierra Leone News: 4.3million Bed-Nets Target to Fight Malaria in SL (Awoko)

Post Date: 06/07/2017

The Government of Sierra Leone has launched a nationwide mass distribution of insecticide treated bed nets. Malaria remains the most… [Read More]